Mon Garcia. Trash, hippie and tattoos

What is a Wild Child?
A girl who does what she wants to do and fights for her dreams. A person who doesn’t care what the others will think and doesn’t feel ashamed of herself, because our thoughts and tastes aren’t less legit than others’.
A woman with a strong personality who doesn’t get unnoticed, wherever she goes.

There’s no better way to inaugurate this section of our blog than writing a post about a friend of us!
Today we’re featuring Mon García, a friend and artist who is crazy for tattoos (a sneak peak: you will see some of her designs in our summer tees collection)
We love her style and it represents very well what a Wild Child means for us.
With a crazy hair that she is constantly dyeing and cutting by herself, and a very big amount of tattoos which never seems to be enough for her (you know what some say, once you start you can’t stop it!)
she is an antsy little person who is travelling around the world everytime she has the chance.


how would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is a mix of 80′s trash and 70′s hippie, or that’s how I see it…. always simple and comfortable thou.

What is it that you always carry with you?
I never go out without my mp3 player, I’d rather be dead!

Which patterns, prints, textures or colors do you like the most?
I like soft textures the most!!! I don’t use to wear prints, but if I do they use to be florals. I like acid and dark colors, usually very dark grey, almost black.

When it comes to fabrics, the are never of animal origin. Cotton and denim almost all the time.

Which season of the year is your favorite? why?
Summer!! because you can go much more comfortable with less clothing, hehehe

find her portfolio here:


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